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In a world where crises have become widespread and areas of tension are ever more numerous, the control of information is an increasingly important and complex task for states that want to exercise influence in international affairs.

Away from the battlefield, digital channels of information have given rise to new techniques which aim to manipulate public opinion through incorrect or distorted information, with the ultimate aim of undermining and destabilising adversaries.

To limit the impact of these interference operations, we believe it is necessary to increase the resilience of target populations by raising their awareness of the stakes of modern warfare.

In this context, military, industrial, academic and media actors have a key role to play by producing quality content and disseminating information about the importance of defence.

Sierra Tango’s ambition is to support these actors in the promotion of their activities.



The sensitive nature of military- and security-related activities necessitates a particularly careful approach to communication.

Our expertise in the defence sector enables us to guide our clients as they develop and implement targeted, ethical and high-added value influence strategies.


  • Facilitate understanding by fostering connections between different sectors, and in doing so increase the visibility of military affairs and defence projects in civil society
  • Explain and disseminate information by working with you towards comprehensive yet accessible communication


Sierra Tango is made up of experienced, passionate, meticulous and creative individuals. You will be supported by defence analysts, European press experts, digital experts and content creators at every stage of your project.

Farah Duquesne Weber
Farah Duquesne Weber
Founder and CEO
Alexia Van Praet
Alexia Van Praet
Project Manager
Paula Lopez Vazquez
Paula Lopez Vazquez
Communications Manager
Leonor Hubaut
Leonor Hubaut
Communications advisor
Aurélie Pugnet
Aurélie Pugnet
Independent Defence News Advisor

Sierra Tango also works with several freelance operational experts and a network of partners who have been carefully selected for their vision and values.

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